Remember the reset

Note to self: Sometimes, baby just needs a reset. It could be a stroll outside, a paci, a song. Daddy’s favorite method has always been changing the diaper. Even if it’s perfectly clean.

I type this on the phone as M is sound asleep, after having woken at 12:45am and desperately clawing at my chest, trying to nurse back to sleep. Not so, said I, and a battle ensued. Paci was refused — who are we trying to fool here, Ma? Lullaby mitigated the fury somewhat but its soothing magic eventually expired. Finally, groggily, Daddy suggested: “Diaper?” She seemed dry, but might as well check. In the dim nursery lamplight I found she was indeed dry, but then It hit me. Quiet, no more crying. And a coo. I looked at her. Innocent wondering eyes. As if she had completely forgotten the preceding twenty minutes of turmoil. And then, so did I.

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