Stacking blocks, dancing, and escaping to the balcony

Today was a big day of firsts for Madeline – at least, the first time that we’ve caught her at these particular forms of mischief.

First, she climbed over the threshold of the office onto the balcony. The baby-proofing challenge just bumped up a level.

Next, she started dancing to daddy’s electronica dance music (who knew Chris had this???). Before, she would bounce here and there, but today she sustained a full-out baby bop until she fell over, then got up and bopped some more.

Finally, Madeline showed us she can stack blocks. I made a two-block stack and asked her to try, and she took my two-block unit and put it on top of a third block. (Baby’s way of showing up Mommy.) Then with a “Yeeaahhh!!” she knocked them down. Then she stacked three blocks by herself.

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