Why I married my husband

Well, one of the reasons:

If you are female, a degree from one of these schools complicates dating. It takes a self-assured guy to absorb that information and not say something insecure and cutting when he learns of it, and to look at you for who you really are as a person and a woman.

via “What do you do?” | adventureswiththepooh.

Props to Wendy for articulating the awkwardness of explaining yourself to people who think you’re an “overqualified” mom who could be putting her education to “better” use. (This reaction is pretty obvious when it happens — I swear I’m not having a hangry moment.) I’ve been called a hippie more than once; we cloth diaper, baby-wear, and are still nursing (though not pumping — I cut that business ASAP), and I was fortunate to finagle an extended maternity leave. So yes, I have an incredible bond with my child, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But none of that could have happened if I hadn’t set limits on my work, which is an incredibly difficult thing to do for a (former?) workaholic. So yes, I am not making full use of my schooling. I am content to look at my experiences as a pursuit of pleasure that I earned, or as a windfall by chance — either way, they have intrinsic value to me even if they are not all formally applied. We as a family are still learning to balance. I could not do any of this without Chris. It takes a special guy to put up with my quirks while keeping a smile on his face.

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  1. I really wanted to know why you married your husband, so I clicked through only to find a quote from my blog! So funny. Anyway, we are blessed to have found good guys. Your site is stunning! I have website envy now.

    • 🙂 Thanks, Wendy — I build websites for fun! Happy to help if you ever need. And yep, I quoted you because you are dead on! A friend (also a Yalie) mentioned seeing this today was like, “YES!” So, thank you for so eloquently and diplomatically expressing these sentiments that gnaw at many of us.

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