“Get over yourself.”

Get over yourself.
This song is only doing
What it has always done:
Taking in voices
From all the lands
And all the peoples,
Who have ever crossed its path.
Though that road has been messy,
It made this song.
For nothing of value,
Nothing which lasts,
Nothing human,
Is ever pure.
David Henry Wang

Thanks to Stephanie for sharing these lines from Yellow Face.

For some reason, I find comfort in these words. Life has its challenges, and while I am satisfied with the outcomes thus far, sometimes I wonder if I will regret my choices. Reading these lines, I don’t think so. I am — dare I say it? — proud of my meandering path, even though it was not terribly efficient, even though it gave me some scars, even though it’s not how I intended. My path and my song, they are not conventional; but then again, conventional is nothing I ever wanted to be.

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