Leslie visit


We had some perfect weather last Sunday, so we had Leslie and her fiance Peter over to have brunch and see the sights. Anh and I never walked around the “independence area” before, so it was a treat for us, too.

Happy Memorial Day


We’re having a lot of fun playing with our new camera. A good time was had by all at this year’s Memorial Day gathering in Surf City, NJ.


Pups ready for summer days in the bay!


Photographic evidence that Golden Retrievers love water.


Miniature railroad at the Arboretum


The Morris Arboretum miniature train display opened last weekend, and we went to see it and play with the new camera. This year’s display theme is “Storytime Rail,” with fairy tale-themed structures: Sleeping Beauty Castle, a Hobbit house, Baba Yaga‘s house, the Old Woman’s Shoe house, and more!

Here comes the Lehigh Valley train:

We took some great photos. Here they are, with no color correction or retouching: