Aptos, CA


We arrived at Aptos the day before Ingrid and Sol’s wedding with some daylight to spare. So, we explored the beach a bit, and then we drove around looking for dinner. Aptos is quaint and quiet, with lots of hills and interesting architecture.

Mini golf!


We went with Chris’s parents to play mini golf at Island Golf, one of several nearby putt-putt places. Chris’s dad has been going there since he was a little boy, and he recounted with the owner the various thefts (and returns!) of fixtures around the place (the gorilla, the elephant, etc.). After mini golf, the family always goes to eat ice cream. Chris loves both parts of the outing.

Leslie visit


We had some perfect weather last Sunday, so we had Leslie and her fiance Peter over to have brunch and see the sights. Anh and I never walked around the “independence area” before, so it was a treat for us, too.

Miniature railroad at the Arboretum


The Morris Arboretum miniature train display opened last weekend, and we went to see it and play with the new camera. This year’s display theme is “Storytime Rail,” with fairy tale-themed structures: Sleeping Beauty Castle, a Hobbit house, Baba Yaga‘s house, the Old Woman’s Shoe house, and more!

Here comes the Lehigh Valley train:

We took some great photos. Here they are, with no color correction or retouching:


Summer is coming!


And in Chris’s family, its annual debut is heralded by the opening up the shore cottage.

Chris and I went to help his parents clean out the winter cobwebs, set up the furniture, and  reverse everything they did to close up the place last fall. We brought along Henry, who decided something about the boat was very interesting:

What's in there?!

On his hind legs, he is almost as tall as I am!

He balanced on his hind legs for a good 5 seconds, investigating the boat. Who knew what he could do when motivated!

The place looks in pretty good shape:

Chris and his dad took a look at the car:

while Henry chewed on a stick: