Fall 2012 Potluck

It’s been a while since we had a party, and we have much to celebrate! Please join us for a potluck on Saturday, November 10, 7pm-10pm. Come and go as you please. We’ll make sure to have enough (meat and vegetarian) lasagna, shrimp fried rice, and chocolate chip cookies (all nut-free) for everyone. If you’d like to bring food/drink or anything else, feel free, but don’t feel obligated. (We’ll probably have plenty.) The pleasure of your company is all we ask!

Please RSVP by November 8 using the form to the left. We’ll follow up with an email closer to the date. Also, please be aware that we do have a dog (Henry, the model of consternation in the above photos) — he is very friendly and very furry.

anh and chris

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