Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me?!


We’ve doped her with myriad cartoon shorts along with occasional full-length animated features for months now. She invites us to do the “Mee-key Gonald?”¬†round and round the nursery (see video below). She’s got her princess dresses ready and has been asking to wear her Minnie polka dots to school. Minnie herself has been lovingly smeared with yogurt, milk, cookie crumbs, and various other toddler foods. Yep. At long last, we are going to meet the Mouse and the rest of the Gang.


M gathered Mom and Dad in her room for a jam session to the Mickey Mouse Club March. She added in her favorite electronica beats.

Spring 2014



13 months: attempting balcony escape


13 months: swing fun at Smith Playground


13 months: the year’s first spring weather weekend


cruising the park


M holds her legs straight out when she’s happy


13 months: getting acquainted with the top of the activity cube

Madeline-14-Months-219 Madeline-14-Months-222 Madeline-14-Months-223


14 months: learning to use a spoon


14 months: painting Henry with food


Daddy’s birthday — what is that?


spiffy work gear


Hi again, Henry.


15 months: M already loves shoes just like Mommy!


15 months: showing Mama how the shapes go together


Stacking blocks, dancing, and escaping to the balcony


Today was a big day of firsts for Madeline – at least, the first time that we’ve caught her at these particular forms of mischief.

First, she climbed over the threshold of the office onto the balcony. The baby-proofing challenge just bumped up a level.

Next, she started dancing to daddy’s electronica dance music (who knew Chris had this???). Before, she would bounce here and there, but today she sustained a full-out baby bop until she fell over, then got up and bopped some more.

Finally, Madeline showed us she can stack blocks. I made a two-block stack and asked her to try, and she took my two-block unit and put it on top of a third block. (Baby’s way of showing up Mommy.) Then with a “Yeeaahhh!!” she knocked them down. Then she stacked three blocks by herself.