Karla and Rob’s wedding


My dear friend Karla married her longtime beau Rob in a beautiful ceremony and reception that reflected their cozy laid-back vibe perfectly. They were wonderfully accommodating to us with regard to Madeline, even welcoming her with a bucket of toys! They are going to be wonderful parents 🙂 Congratulations, newlyweds!

On another note, we discovered the following:

  • A wedding full of pediatricians makes the best baby entertainment/childcare ever. Period. For your tot’s next birthday, forget the magician, the balloon artist, and the live appearance by Elmo. Just hire a cohort of pediatricians.
  • Madeline LOVES to dance. We thought she might be overstimulated with the party and loud dance music, so we took her off to the side toward the trees and pond. She shrieked to be put down and toddled a beeline straight back on to the dance floor, where said pediatricians had previously been twirling around with her. We tried reigning her in at least twice, and each time she toddled back to the party. On the dance floor, she would bounce and sway and clap. Here’s hoping she has more rhythm than either Chris or me.

Toddling, exploring, and meeting Danielle, who would become Madeline’s best friend for the evening:

Roaming amongst the pants and skirts:

Playing with Danielle and meeting the rest of the pediatricians:

The bride and groom during their toasts:

By 7:30pm we thought Madeline might have been tired, but she protested leaving the party and headed straight back to the dance floor:

She ran back to the dance floor whenever we tried to carry her away.

We realized after several attempts to head home that we have a party girl, and she had several dance partners to bounce-twirl her around:

The next morning, she slept in:

Ingrid and Sol are married! Part 2


Sol’s family hosted brunch the next morning at his sister’s place. They have a neat property that includes a barn and vineyard. Brunch was delicious, with the highlight being menudo. Chris and I had never tried it before. Now I’ll have to go looking for it whenever I crave a fix.

Ingrid and Sol are married! Part 1


Our dear friends Ingrid and Sol had a beautiful wedding in perfect California weather at Aptos Village Park. True to form, they planned their day around food and friends.

A quick stroll down the aisle:

20120630 IngridSolWedding 035 from Christopher Butz on Vimeo.

Then on to the celebration:

I love our wedding flowers!


my bouquet, held by my husband-to-be (see his matching tie?)

my bouquet, held by my husband-to-be (see his matching tie?)

The photos from our photographer, Isabel March, are still to come, but meanwhile I had to devote a blog post to our beautiful wedding flowers. Our florist was Amy Young at Leaves of Grass; she’s up and coming in the business and gave us a fantastic deal. I was thoroughly pleased — nay, overjoyed! — with her beautiful arrangements, which suited our wedding perfectly.

According to Amy, our flowers included “purple hydrangea, two shades of purple hyacinth, two shades of purple tulips and some lilac and purple lisianthus.” I know next to nothing about flowers, but I thought there might also have been some peonies, deep purple to fuschia in color (check out the boutonnieres), as wel as a dark purple petunia. I’m in the process of drying my bouquet in the attic, so maybe I’ll be able to determine the mystery flowers’ identities later!

The hyacinth were so fragrant! I kept the bridesmaid hyacinth bouquet in our living room for the next week, and they were still beautiful when I finally tossed them. Incidentally, our flowers also inspired me to plant some hydrangea on our balcony.

Mini accordion albums of our wedding!


Our photographer. is. AWESOME.

Chris and I were delighted this week to receive a small package in the mail from our wedding photographer, Isabel March. Inside were two small accordion photo albums of our wedding — one for us, and one for my mom. The albums have hard covers on each end, complete with our photo printed on them, and a collage of images printed on both sides.



I don’t have a picture of them in their packaging, but even that was sweet, and very Isabel — in green ribbon with a beautiful, deftly tied bow.