DIY Madness

To remind myself that I sometimes let the arts and crafts get out of hand, I chronicle below the do-it-yourself projects I undertook for the wedding:

  1. Our wedding website

    our wedding website, where we provided information and collected RSVPs

  2. Pennant garlands galore (at least 50 yards of this stuff — contact me if you want to buy it!)

    a garland of pennants in five different fabrics

    our wedding date banner

  3. Save-the-date cards: Chris and I set up an assembly line
  4. Invitations: more assembly lines for cutting out the inserts (seen here), compiling the pocket cards, and stamping the seal (Chris’s idea!) — but only the stamping process is seen here

    and here’s the final product

    our pocket invitations

  5. My shoes: I painted these $40 black peep-toe pumps

    Lulu Townsend Bridal Nightout Pump -- surprisingly comfortable!

    and turned them into these

    purple glitter shoes -- a little craft paint goes a long way

  6. Our wedding tree (in lieu of a guestbook)

    our wedding tree, with room for us on the park bench

    adding our fingerprints to the wedding tree

    our wedding tree, with our fingerprints as birds


    our wedding tree, signed and framed!

  7. Pomanders for the aisle


    two-tiered pomanders = the most time-consuming project

  8. Ribbon sticks for the guests during the ceremony (these are for sale, too — contact if interested)

    guests waving ribbons as we exit


    ribbon stick

  9. Luminaries decorated with lace and fabric pinwheels (these are for sale, too — contact if interested)

    mason jar lace luminaries in the making


    lace and pinwheel luminaries

  10. Doilies for the luminaries

    doilies for extra color

  11. Chalkboards and tray for the guestbook table

    guestbook table

  12. Fabric-covered wooden letters

    our initials and an ampersand

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