Truong-Engaged-077 Chris and Anh met in Philadelphia at a bar called Loie on June 19, 2009. Chris had just graduated from law school, while Anh was beginning her PhD in bioengineering. Both were shy, but fortunately Anh had lots of practice talking to strangers during medical clerkships and put Chris at ease.* They developed a mutual admiration for each other’s personalities and talents, and they came to understand each other’s goals and values in a relationship. Above all, they valued honesty, which sometimes led them to butt heads. Nonetheless, Anh figured out that she had already gained the single most important requirement for their relationship to work: approval from Henry, Chris’s beloved golden retriever.

*Chris strongly disagrees that Anh put him at ease; in fact, for the first 18 months of their relationship he felt as if he were repeatedly tested and booby-trapped in a gauntlet of scenarios where only one solution existed and the remaining gazillion outcomes meant he was being a jerk.

In summer 2011, Anh and Chris decided to get married. To honor the June birth of their relationship, their engagement ring is an alexandrite stone surrounded by channel-set diamonds.

Their engagement photos were taken by Isabel March at Elfreth’s Alley and the surrounding neighborhood.

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  1. Dear Anh, you are so gorgeous!! I didn’t know that you were married when we first met in the meeting at Van Pelt…. Very happy for you, and may you and Chris enjoy a joyful marriage forever!

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